This web site is dedicated particularly to the many mysteries of the universe and the galaxies, planets, stars, and any celestial body. Mankind and philosophers have always looked up to the sky and pondered about what lies beyond it, searched for meaning in many constellations and guessed about the stars and the mysteries of the universe.

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This web site is merely intended as a source of information and if the reader were to have an interest in finding out more about the magical world of astrophysics, astronomy and the universe and galaxies in general, we strongly recommend that they do more research on the Internet, visit their local library, or simply turn to NASA’s web page, which features facts and many informative articles that are available for everyone to read. It is obviously fun and interesting to read about the universe that we live in, but even more fun when one can do their own research on the Internet or learn more by watching themed documentaries.

In any case, this web site aims at capturing the attention of various readers, regardless of their country of origin and their level of academic knowledge. Be aware that the entirety of the posts and articles published here on this web page is written in English, so it is strongly advised to be fluent in the language before reading on.