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  • NASA’s Juno Mission

    NASA’s Juno Mission

    What some people might not know is that Jupiter was one of the first planets to form in our Solar System. Thus, inside Jupiter there […]

  • Earth Has A Possible Twin

    Earth Has A Possible Twin

    A possible twin of planet Earth has been discovered, orbiting a sun-like star, as far as 600 light years away from us. It is said […]

  • Is Life on Other Planets Possible?

    Is Life on Other Planets Possible?

    From the time we realized that our Sun is merely another star among billions and billions of other ones, we started wondering about the existence […]

  • Recently Discovered Planets

    Recently Discovered Planets

    The NASA Space Telescope Kepler has discovered 6 new planets orbiting around a Sun-like star. These strange worlds have been called by astronomers “mini Neptunes.” […]

  • The Hubble Space Telescope

    The Hubble Space Telescope

    Despite its advanced age, the Hubble Space Telescope can dazzle people even today, by showing us the deepest images of the universe ever taken (and […]